About Us

This is my dream.. which came true after my one year trip in Australia. Before I left Taiwan, I had had a stable but boring job which would allow me to retire with a considerable pension at the age of 40. However, in that case, I was sure I would later regret that I didn't chase my dream in my 30s. Therefore, I decided to quit my stable job to pursue what I truly desired. I spent one year traveling, searching for the meaning of life. Throughout the year, I have gradually built up courage to pursue my dream life when I return to my own country. I rented a traditional Taiwanese-style house (this guesthouse) as I like the atmosphere. Now I am proud to say that I am on the way to my dream.

Aya Dive Hostel

Call me dreamer..

I named the shop 'A Ya Diving Hostel', 'A Ya' is the Chinese pronunciation of my name. Rather than 'boss', I would prefer people call me a 'dreamer'. Although the outside of this hostel does not look fashionable, I can ensure the warmth you will feel inside.

Traditional house

One thing that this traditional house attracts me is the stories behind. Back in the days without electronic devices, people were very close, they stayed together all the time. In the old days, women had to prepare three meals a day while men acted as the bread-winner of the family. In this house, there must be full of memories where families encircled the big table having meals and chatting together. This is the simplest kind of life which I hope to pursue.

In recent decades, youngsters left Liuqiu and went to big cities to earn a better living. Yet the elderly still stayed in their traditional houses since the houses, which contain all the valuable memories of their families, are part of their life.

Fun Diving

Real social interactions builds life long friendships

As an outsider of Liuqiu I stay in this traditional house with an old couple. The grandmother was very kind to me, she always took care of me. I enjoy watching grandfather and grandmother having a walk hand-in-hand in front of the house. What a beautiful and heart-warming scene! It is sad that grandmother passed away this year. I miss her a lot.

So this is my dream. We don't have luxurious furniture and decorations. You cannot find a television in the room, I hope that in this way travelers will go out and interact with people. As a diving instructor, I wish you will visit my diving hostel. It will be my pleasure to show you the beautiful ocean in Liuqiu, as well as the beauty of human interaction. I am looking forward to guide you through a warm and unique trip in Liuqiu.